Webpage developing weekly I learned


I started to get coding lessons from SpartaCodingClub, so I started with web developing. First week I learned basic of HTML, CSS and JS.

HTML is basic of building webpages, CSS use for styling webpages, and JavaScript is use for making webpages active.

HTML has many different tags it has title, paragraph, subtitle, button, and so on. For example, it paragraph tag starts with <p> and ends with </p>. And there are <div> tag and <span> tag, div is use for gather many tags, and span is use for gather things in one tag.

To use CSS you should know how to use class. For example, you put class=”classname” inside the tag. <p class=”name”></p>

You put to use CSS . means call class and after . you put classname that you want to design

.classname {

you put design code here


For example, font-size, color, background-color.

And there are margin, and padding that use to put space. margin is out space of object, and padding is in space of object.

To use JS you put <script> </script> inside the head tag. And inside the script tag, for example

function greet() {

greet is the function name, and alert(‘Hello”) is the content of greet. So let’s say when a button is clicked call greet function.

<button onclick="greet()">HI</button>

This means when the button is clicked call greet funciton.

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